crazy moons


Obviously, I’ve yet to get the hang of writing blog posts on a regular basis. So starting up another one *does* seem counterintuitive, if not counterproductive. But sometimes it pays to try new things.

And so, last Wednesday — when the moon was in Aquarius — I started up one over on Blogger titled:

UnicornPanther Books

And, still in the spirit of trying new things, decided to look into Wattpad … which I signed up on today — with the moon in Gemini — as:


I’m thinking the UnicornPanther blog can be used for reflective comments about books — those I read, as well as those I write — so maybe I’ll be motivated to blog more responsibly overall.

Not sure what to make of  Wattpad, yet. I’ve heard some good things and some not-so-good. Only time will tell.

Maybe I’ll even figure out how to tweet properly.

But, for now:

Happy Thanksgiving!

May we all have long lists to be thankful for.



It’s Christmas Time!

Hard to believe, but yes, the winter solstice has ticked by and 2014 is drawing to a close. So, time to reflect.

I’m learning that writing with the intention of making money can be very different from writing because a story has to be told. Some aspects coincide. But others … well, some aspects just skew.

Supposedly, for-money stories can be overhauled, revamped, targeted, whatever it takes to make them profitable. Wanna-be-told stories can also be edited – tweaked, fine tuned, altered a bit – but only so far. And, mostly, for the purpose of bringing the story more into alignment with what it actually wanted to say all along. Those stories not only allow, but actually crave, “a better way of saying what I really meant.”

Stories with agendas of their own are the ones we sentimental writers think of as being like our children. –With some traits, like bad manners or hygiene, that can usually be altered with various forms of education or a bath. But others, like eye color and gender preference, that just have to be accepted pretty much “as is” in order for our spawn to be happy and healthy. And us, content with them, in turn.

And so, while fans and sales and reviews and royalties for *all* stories would certainly be nice confirmations of appreciation, those traits which flow from a wanna-be-told story’s essence must be accepted and preserved (in my humble opinion) … even if said traits fail to garner any outward appearances of success. And, sadly, even if some of those traits are considered to be bad mannered, or foul smelling, by conventional measures.

Otherwise, both the story and the writer suffer from serious lack of fulfillment.

The trick, of course, is in knowing the difference between ego and identity (author and story). When is a trait in need of preservation, and when should it be altered for more accurate alignment with intention? Embraced and accepted as essence, fine-tuned for clarity, or released as mere ego-attachment?

For that matter, where do we and our stories diverge?

I suspect the answer would vary from author to author, and story to story.

For me, clarifying changes are easiest to recognize because the editing bits wake me up, clamoring for attention, … while the extremes of ego and identity leave me scratching my head wondering which is which. –Until I change something essential, and wake to voices demanding it be “put back!”

May the holiday season bring loving balance to ego & identity.

And the new year bring increased clarity.

out of touch


Sadly, I seem to have been (and remain) in communication purgatory for the last few months.
First, my Kindle died. Then my modem went out. And now my computer has crashed.
And so, alas, I shall remain out of touch until my electronic gadgets can be replaced.
Hope to be reactivated before I forget all my passwords.

🙂 Fortunately, thanks to Amazon and Smashwords, my books remain available without me. 🙂

Guest Post #1


My first guest post is from Albert Robbins III, host of Free Book Reviews.
And here it is:

Amazon Calls for Submissions from Script Writers

Amazon Studios invites film script writers for submissions.
They will have a chance to earn either $10 000 or $200,000 with their scripts.

Amazon Movie Studios?

Yes, Amazon is accepting scripts and full-length movies from amateur filmmakers, with Amazon intending on producing theatrical films from the winning ideas.

By submitting a script to the program, the writer grants Amazon Studios a free 45 days option on the script (down from 18 months, a steep reduction). If the script is deemed interesting by Amazon, they might then buy an 18 months option for $10 000. If they then decide to turn it into a movie, they buy the rights to a movie for $200 000. All money resulting from prizes won by the movie goes to the writer and if the movie makes over $60 million in US box office, the writer gets an additional $400 000.

If a revised script is selected, the writer keeps the initial $10 000 or $200 000 fee for his script and shares any prize money with the reviser on a 50-50 basis.

For scripts passing the first hurdle, Amazon Studios will run tests with the public to find out it the script generates interest. Based on the feedback from the public, Amazon Studios will decide whether or not to turn it into a movie. The rational behind their system is to create a crowd base selection system for script as opposed to the current selection system through agents and production companies.

For a book writer, this means that they retain all rights on the book and are only selling the rights to the script. When looking for a publisher, being in a position to say that the script based on the book has been shortlisted by Amazon Studios catapults the chances for a lucrative book contract to the top.

But that’s not all:  Amazon is calling film-makers too!

If you can direct, edit, produce or pretty much do anything with a script you can jockey for a position on a film. This is not only a chance to showcase your skills but it is also a chance to make a name in the business.


About the Author:

Free Book Reviews is a blog that reviews indie books, interviews indie authors and generally talks about whatever amuses them in the literary world. If you are an author please feel free to submit your book for review and/or an author interview. If you are a reader feel free to check out any book listed on our blog. In any case please share this blog with as many people as you can!

You can find us at the following:


more thrills


A friend’s husband let me view one of my books  on his iPad, via the Apple iBooks store, a few days ago.
After hearing some of the challenges other writers have experienced getting their books to translate well through Smashwords, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But mine translated out looking even better than I’d hoped.
Needless to say, I was thrilled and delighted. And inspired!

And then!
Free Book Reviews posted my very first blog interview!
So, one could say that February was a thrill-month of “firsts” for me. I’m still giddy and blushing.
And next!
The host will be guest-posting, here, as my very first guest.

This blog business is still a brand spanking new animal for me. I’m not convinced I’ll ever get the hang of it. But it sure would be nice, if the pegs started to fall into place. (pun intended)

And now I’m off to put a book on sale for Smashwords’ Read an eBook Week promotion. Think I’ll offer up To Touch Ice.  –And keep my fingers crossed.



Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And. As a writer of Love Stories, I’m wishing I could think of something profound to say. But all I wanna do is hug my pillow and go to sleep.

There’s a chill in the air. Rain’s tapping on my roof and dripping through the ceiling in my hall. But I’m warm, dry, and cozy.

I like a little chill and love rain — good sleeping weather — but not leaks. So, I’m also wishing I could afford to fix my roof. But, for now, a bucket or two will just have to do.

Still. Life is good. So I guess that’s as profound as anyone can expect.

~ Hope everyone had a Fun Fat Tuesday! ~

Hope everyone will  have a Happy Valentine’s Day
A Pleasantly Productive Lent!

feeling brave


I must be feeling especially brave today. I actually gave my writer-info card to 3 people, 2 of them perfect strangers.

Considering that for most of my life I was a closet writer, too embarrassed to admit having a life aspiration to be a trashy love-story novelist (of paperback originals), handing over these cards was a momentous accomplishment.

I’ve also noticed that I’m running into more and more people who would like to join the Indie Writing world. So, I’m mentioning my favorite Facebook group (a writer’s group — Indie Writer’s Unite!) a good bit these days.

Life is good.