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Well, it’s now officially Winter!
And the Holiday Season.
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanzaa
and may everyone’s New Year be especially blessed


tribute to friends


Last April, a dear friend gave me an article about a North Carolina (USA) author who was self-publishing, and doing well, through Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’d never heard of it. Didn’t even know what a “Kindle” might be. But — heart in hand — promptly “binged” more info and proceeded to get really excited … and then really busy.

While still reading the info-manual, I stumbled across a thread hosted by Robert W Walker called “What Moives Kindle Books Off The Shelf?” (now well into thread 2) — nice info-sharing folks.

Sampling more threads, I next stumbled onto mention of a Facebook Group called “Indie Writers Unite!” — fun, informative, supportive bunch.

From the folks in those two groups, I learned (among a host of other things) about an all-Indie publishing platform called Smashwords … which led to more excitement, more info-manuals, and more busy hours in pursuit of a previousy-allusive life-long writer’s dream. That dream even had a name: Indie Publishing.

And now it’s December. WoW!

This being the Holiday Season … seems only appropriate to stop and pay tribute to the friends and friendly folks who’ve made this such a life-expanding year.

Many thanks, much well wishing, and lots of good cheer to them ALL!!!