more thrills


A friend’s husband let me view one of my books  on his iPad, via the Apple iBooks store, a few days ago.
After hearing some of the challenges other writers have experienced getting their books to translate well through Smashwords, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But mine translated out looking even better than I’d hoped.
Needless to say, I was thrilled and delighted. And inspired!

And then!
Free Book Reviews posted my very first blog interview!
So, one could say that February was a thrill-month of “firsts” for me. I’m still giddy and blushing.
And next!
The host will be guest-posting, here, as my very first guest.

This blog business is still a brand spanking new animal for me. I’m not convinced I’ll ever get the hang of it. But it sure would be nice, if the pegs started to fall into place. (pun intended)

And now I’m off to put a book on sale for Smashwords’ Read an eBook Week promotion. Think I’ll offer up To Touch Ice.  –And keep my fingers crossed.


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