still a thrill


My third novel, Sapphire Wolf, published to Amazon December 15th. And to Smashwords December 21st. Transport Tales, Volume 1: Novan also went up on Smashwords on December 21st. Both have distributed out to Barnes and Noble, and to Kobo, so I’m quite excited.

Surprising that it’s still such a thrill to see a book appear as an author-page listing for the first time.

And. While checking for distribution, I discovered this anonymous 4-star review for Assorted Shorts on Barnes and Noble:

The short stories are good. About half the book has stories and the rest are previews of other books. I didn’t read the previews, so I can’t say anything about them. If nothing else, read the stories, they are worth the time.”

So, double excitement. YaY!


a year gone by


Well. This year sure did fly past.
A lot of work, a lot of sad, and a lot of happy.

And now it’s time once more for
Happy Holiday Wishes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note to self: keep up with blog!

tribute to friends


Last April, a dear friend gave me an article about a North Carolina (USA) author who was self-publishing, and doing well, through Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’d never heard of it. Didn’t even know what a “Kindle” might be. But — heart in hand — promptly “binged” more info and proceeded to get really excited … and then really busy.

While still reading the info-manual, I stumbled across a thread hosted by Robert W Walker called “What Moives Kindle Books Off The Shelf?” (now well into thread 2) — nice info-sharing folks.

Sampling more threads, I next stumbled onto mention of a Facebook Group called “Indie Writers Unite!” — fun, informative, supportive bunch.

From the folks in those two groups, I learned (among a host of other things) about an all-Indie publishing platform called Smashwords … which led to more excitement, more info-manuals, and more busy hours in pursuit of a previousy-allusive life-long writer’s dream. That dream even had a name: Indie Publishing.

And now it’s December. WoW!

This being the Holiday Season … seems only appropriate to stop and pay tribute to the friends and friendly folks who’ve made this such a life-expanding year.

Many thanks, much well wishing, and lots of good cheer to them ALL!!!

Anne McCaffrey ~ a legend in her own time


My favorite author died Monday. “Sad day in Mudville.”
(Ironically, the same day I started up this blog.)

She began publishing short stories in 1952, before I was even born, but published her first novel, Restoree, in 1967. I started 6th grade that year, and changed schools when my father came home from Vietnam.

Both teachers were remarkable women, but the second was an amazing lady named Ms. Glenn who read a few pages of  The Jungle Book  to us each day after lunch. My biggest challenge in life, back then, was learning fractions.

Funny what sticks in the mind with the passing of years. I still love The Jungle Book.

My first “adult” novels were Gone With The Wind and The Love Machine  — because that’s what a neighbor-lady handed me to read — during the summer of 1970.  Anna Karenina came next, bought from a school book fair. Little did I know my favorites would be romantic sci-fi. And that some of them were in the process of being penned.

Dragonflight, the first Dragonriders of Pern book, was published in 1968 (Dragonquest in 1971). According to Wikipedia, the third, The White Dragon, was the first sci-fi title to make The New York Times Best Seller List — in 1978. Major wow!

That was the year my son was born. It was also the year my brother came home from school and tossed a copy of Dragonflight at me. I promptly fell in love with Anne McCaffrey. (And promptly scrapped a story I had going that would’ve sounded like a cheap attempt at imitation.)

I’d become an avid reader of sci-fi, by then, but Arthur Conan Doyle reigned as my favorite author. I still love Sherlock Holmes. But McCaffrey wrote novels that hit more buttons: mystery, fantastical science, romance … with mind-bending intricate imagination. A master world-builder, that lady:

Lothar, Brain-Ships, Pern, Ballybran, Doona, Ireta,
Demeathorn, Towers, Petaybee, Botany, Vhiliinyar,  …

She will be missed.

Anne McCaffrey, 1926-2011
holder of a lengthy list of awards and points of distinction:
a true legend in her own time

may she dance on rainbows … as the rain
and laugh in the sun … as stardust on the wind

Scrambled Eggs


Decades ago, in high school, I was asked to write a biography of sorts about my views and philosophies of life. The most descriptive title seemed to be: Scrambled Eggs.

Later, in college, a similar assignment continued in that vein with the title: Scrambled Eggs II.

And so, the only appropriate title for this more resent installment of “what’s in my head” would, of course, have to be: Scrambled Eggs III.

Corny, but true.