crazy moons


Obviously, I’ve yet to get the hang of writing blog posts on a regular basis. So starting up another one *does* seem counterintuitive, if not counterproductive. But sometimes it pays to try new things.

And so, last Wednesday — when the moon was in Aquarius — I started up one over on Blogger titled:

UnicornPanther Books

And, still in the spirit of trying new things, decided to look into Wattpad … which I signed up on today — with the moon in Gemini — as:


I’m thinking the UnicornPanther blog can be used for reflective comments about books — those I read, as well as those I write — so maybe I’ll be motivated to blog more responsibly overall.

Not sure what to make of  Wattpad, yet. I’ve heard some good things and some not-so-good. Only time will tell.

Maybe I’ll even figure out how to tweet properly.

But, for now:

Happy Thanksgiving!

May we all have long lists to be thankful for.


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