Monthly Archives: January 2013

still a thrill


My third novel, Sapphire Wolf, published to Amazon December 15th. And to Smashwords December 21st. Transport Tales, Volume 1: Novan also went up on Smashwords on December 21st. Both have distributed out to Barnes and Noble, and to Kobo, so I’m quite excited.

Surprising that it’s still such a thrill to see a book appear as an author-page listing for the first time.

And. While checking for distribution, I discovered this anonymous 4-star review for Assorted Shorts on Barnes and Noble:

The short stories are good. About half the book has stories and the rest are previews of other books. I didn’t read the previews, so I can’t say anything about them. If nothing else, read the stories, they are worth the time.”

So, double excitement. YaY!