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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And. As a writer of Love Stories, I’m wishing I could think of something profound to say. But all I wanna do is hug my pillow and go to sleep.

There’s a chill in the air. Rain’s tapping on my roof and dripping through the ceiling in my hall. But I’m warm, dry, and cozy.

I like a little chill and love rain — good sleeping weather — but not leaks. So, I’m also wishing I could afford to fix my roof. But, for now, a bucket or two will just have to do.

Still. Life is good. So I guess that’s as profound as anyone can expect.

~ Hope everyone had a Fun Fat Tuesday! ~

Hope everyone will  have a Happy Valentine’s Day
A Pleasantly Productive Lent!


feeling brave


I must be feeling especially brave today. I actually gave my writer-info card to 3 people, 2 of them perfect strangers.

Considering that for most of my life I was a closet writer, too embarrassed to admit having a life aspiration to be a trashy love-story novelist (of paperback originals), handing over these cards was a momentous accomplishment.

I’ve also noticed that I’m running into more and more people who would like to join the Indie Writing world. So, I’m mentioning my favorite Facebook group (a writer’s group — Indie Writer’s Unite!) a good bit these days.

Life is good.